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A technologically-advanced range of Ldpe Laminated Bags, Hdpe Laminated Bags, Pallet Covers, Woven Bags, known for their effectiveness and durability aspect.

Welcome to our company

Covers and bags find a great deal of importance since the very first time they were invented. These items make portability of goods much more easier and less time consuming. When it comes to finding a reliable set of such goods, who can you rely too? Arihant Rasayan! Creating a mark of excellence through each of our products since 1991, our company has gained a tremendous deal of recognition as a Manufacturer, Wholesaler/Distributor, Supplier and Exporter.  We can Deliver 100 % Customized bag as per the requirement. From Printed Polypropylene Woven Bags and Hdpe Laminated Bags to Fine Finish Valve Type Bags and LDPE Pallet Covers, one can find all their particular requirements under our roof, at highly economical prices! Known for their ability to withstand great deals of weight, such goods would surpass your expectations perfectly.

Product Range

Fabricated using the most advanced technology available in today's market, allows our commodities to have a exceptionally strong built along with a unique degree of finishing. The goods which we provide include-
  • Pallet Covers
  • LDPE & HDPE Bags
  • Woven Bags
A Promise for Quality

One of the most essential characteristics which lets a company earn respect is their qualitative working structure. At our establishment, we keep quality at a high position. Operating in strict conformity to the conceptions and ordinances laid down by well established organizations abroad. Passing each and every Printed Polypropylene Woven Bags and HDPE Laminated Bags through a three tier quality checking procedure, our team makes it a point to see that there are zero compromises made in this sphere of our business.

Warehousing and Transportation

 In order to ensure that the qualitative aspect of our each good is maintained, our company has invested in a highly advanced warehousing facility. Equipped with modern day technology, we store such goods in these units so as to protect them from any kind of damage. Along with this, we are supported by a  reliable transportation facility. Having the fastest vehicles, these units make it a point to see that each and every item is provided to the customer in a timely manner.

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